NASPO Committees

The Conference and Events Committee is responsible for the development of the conference program, including the selection of session topics and speakers. Committee members work closely with the NASPO staff to ensure a stimulating, educational and interactive discussion format that is balanced with suitable networking events.

Committee Leader: Steve Berg (SD), Chair

Staff Contact:  Susan Gonzalez

Conference and Events Committee Charter

The Cronin Awards Committee oversees the George Cronin Awards for Procurement Excellence program, which seeks to recognize outstanding procurement initiatives and promote the adoption of these ideas throughout the states. The committee works closely with NASPO staff in inviting states to submit nominations, reviewing the nominations and selecting winners.

Committee Leaders: Mike Perry (TN), Chair

Staff Contact: Chadwick Stephens

The NASPO Executive Committee provides direction for the affairs of NASPO in the interim between meetings of the full Board of Directors, functioning within approved policies and general strategy established by the Board. The committee is comprised of the elected and appointed officers of NASPO.

Committee Leaders: George Schutter (D.C.), Chair

Staff Contact: Lindle Hatton

Governance and Oversight Committee Charter

The NASPO Financial Sustainability Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities specific to investment strategies, policies and performance, with the goal of ensuring the long–term financial sustainability of the association.

Committee Leader: Kelly Sanders (OH), Chair

Staff Contact: Clinton Colliver

The Mazzone Award Task Force selects the recipient of NASPO’s Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes service, on a continuing exemplary basis, to the public purchasing profession. The committee is comprised of previous recipients of the Mazzone Award.

Task Force Leaders: Jeff Holden, Chair

Staff Contact: Kelly McKown King

Mazzone Committee Charter

The Nominations Committee prepares and presents a slate of candidates for the NASPO Board of Directors and oversees assigned membership matters.

Committee Leader: Debbie Dennis, Chair

Staff Contact: Olivia Hook Frey

Nominations Committee Charter

The Professional Development Committee oversees Procurement University, an ongoing, comprehensive professional development program focused on state procurement, which may be utilized by NASPO members to supplement and augment training, support national and state certification, and further the professional development of state procurement staff.

Committee Leaders: Lisa Eason (GA), Chair

Staff Contact: Jordan Henson

Professional Development Committee Charter

The Emerging Leaders Committee shall bring together a small group of emerging leaders in the public procurement profession. The primary goal of the committee is to create an award for emerging leaders in the field who will be recognized each year at the NASPO Annual Conference. The award will recognize individuals that although new to the procurement workforce, have demonstrated exemplary leadership potential and outstanding service. This Emerging Leaders Award serves to highlight the accomplishments of those who demonstrate visionary leadership with great promise to elevate the profession.

2022 Chair: Will Camp

2022 Vice Chair: Thor Vue

Staff Contact:

2022 Emerging Leaders Committee_Charter

The Administration Committee shall oversee the work of what was previously the Nominations Committee and Governance & Oversight Committee.

2022 Chair:

Staff Contact:

Admin Committee Charter

The Conference & Events committee will develop the Annual Conference and REACH educational programs in a manner that aligns with members’ professional development needs and provides a venue for the NASPO community to interact, network and conduct the business of the organization in a positive, cohesive manner.

2022 Chair:

2022 Vice Chair:

Staff Contact:

Conference and Events Committee

The Financial Sustainability committee will assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling oversight responsibilities specific to long-term financial planning and alignment to NASPO’s Strategic Plan, completion and adherence to the annual budget, reviewing the internal financial statements, and maintaining the organization’s investments and investment policy, with the goal of ensuring the long–term financial sustainability of the association. The committee will be accountable to the NASPO Board of Directors.

2022 Chair: Kelly Sanders

2022 Vice-chair: George Schutter

Staff Contact:

Financial Sustainability Committee Charter

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