Who We Are

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), Inc. was formally established on January 29, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois.

NASPO is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing public procurement through leadership, excellence, and integrity. It is made up of the directors of the central purchasing offices in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States. NASPO is an organization that helps its members achieve success as public procurement leaders through promotion of best practices, education, professional development, research, and innovative procurement strategies.

Read NASPO’s Mission, Vision Statement and Values

NASPO ValuePoint is NASPO’s cooperative purchasing program that facilitates public procurement solicitations and agreements using a lead state model. Visit NASPO ValuePoint to discover how it works.

Educating and Informing

Through conferences, research, informative publications, and various member benefit programs, NASPO is dedicated to providing educational and information-sharing opportunities to the state government procurement community. Here are some examples:

NASPO, in collaboration with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, formed and supports the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) to encourage certification of public procurement professionals. The UPPCC awards the Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) designation and the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designation to those in the public purchasing arena. For additional information about the UPPCC, visit www.uppcc.org.

The NASPO Network is an online collaboration and communication forum for members to ask questions, exchange information and share solutions virtually instantaneously.

The association also publishes various research briefs and reference publications, which serve as guides for procurement officials as well as suppliers who do business with the states.

NASPO presents an annual NASPO Exchange Conference for suppliers interested in learning state procurement processes, laws, policies and procedures.

NASPO also holds an Annual Conference and regional conferences, which provide members with excellent networking opportunities as well as chances to participate in sessions on timely and relevant public procurement issues.

The NASPO Board of Directors adopted a strategic planning in June 2014 to guide the association’s activities and services. A summary of the strategic plan is available here.

The NASPO bylaws were last updated in March 2020.

A Message from NASPO President George Schutter

Hello NASPO friends and colleagues,

When I started my year as NASPO President in January, I had no way of knowing how challenging the year would be for public procurement and contracting professionals across the globe. The COVID-19 public health pandemic is simply unprecedented, with a pointed impact on our profession.

The recent challenges state, county, and city jurisdictions have faced are anything but easy. Contracting Officers and their client agencies were faced with rapidly evolving missions, resulting in the immediate need of many new requirements. A rapid increase in global demand for critical medical and personal protective equipment significantly disrupted supply chains around the world, turning once readily available supplies into hard-to-procure goods with long lead times and uncertain delivery. All the while, each of us had to adapt to the new reality of long-term teleworking, challenging us to find new ways to collaborate and maintain productivity virtually with our clients, suppliers, and service providers.

The challenges we are facing due to COVID-19 have changed my plans to spend time with you at conferences and in your states these past few months, but NASPO continues to meet and support its members where they are. Whether that means hosting weekly conference calls for state primary members to discuss their COVID-19 challenges or developing virtual conferences for state staff to learn while staying safe at home, we are here to support you. Additionally, this fall, NASPO will host a hybrid Annual Conference where we will conduct elections for the Board of Directors as well as host the great sessions you look forward to! To learn more about these upcoming events, visit the NASPO Events page.

During this trying time, I have never been prouder of my District and NASPO teams and what they have accomplished as they navigated this pandemic. I know that each of you, as public procurement leaders, have faced the same challenges and share similar experiences in your jurisdictions. Contracting and procurement professionals are the unsung heroes during this public health pandemic. Our teams across the nation are equipping frontline workers responding to COVID-19 with the tools they need to save lives and keep our communities safe. Take time today to thank your team for their hard work and remind them that they, too, are playing a vital role in the COVID-19 response. As always, please continue to lean on each other and use the many resources available through NASPO. The NASPO team has created great content specifically for COVID-19 that has been a valuable resource for my team, and I’m sure it would be of value to your team, too. Our NASPO network is strong because of our member’s selfless engagement to better the whole.

It is my honor to serve as your President during this time. I thank each of you for your support and commitment to NASPO and our network.


Contact Information

National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO)
110 West Vine Street, Suite 600
Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: (859) 514-9159
[email protected]

Transparency Policy

It is the policy of NASPO to allow public access to its original tax exemption application and to its Internal Revenue Service Form 990. NASPO will also make copies of its governing documents, conflict of interest policy/disclosure form, and year-end financial statements available to the public. This access will be provided at NASPO’s principal headquarters offices at a time mutually agreeable between NASPO headquarters and the individual requesting the inspection, during regular business hours.

NASPO will make each Form 990 return available for a period of three years from filing by posting to a publically accessible area of the NASPO website. NASPO will provide printed copies of the exemption application or Form 990 without charge, other than a reasonable fee for reproduction and actual postage costs, as applicable. The Form 990 will include all information furnished to the Internal Revenue Service as well as schedules, attachments, and supporting statements, except for the redacted elements, pursuant to IRS regulations. Please contact us at the email address above for information.

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Our Vision

Advancing public procurement through leadership, excellence and integrity.

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