107 - Introduction to Service Contracts

This web-based, self-paced course can be accessed through the Procurement U Learning Management System (LMS).
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Delivery Method:

Web Based Training (WBT) - Self Paced

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Type: self-paced, online 

Description: This course is designed to help current public procurement professionals understand the role and use of contracts for services. This will include covering the purpose and distinguishing elements of service contracts in a public procurement environment. Furthermore, learners will explore the process for developing service contract specifications and statements of work. The course will also mention common challenges faced in the development and administration stages. Finally, strategies for resolving these potential issues will be presented.

Suggested Audience: Procurement Assistants (administrative support, warehouse inventory manager, warehouse inventory support staff) and buyers (entry-level buyers, intermediate buyers)

Learning Objectives:

•   Describe the purpose of a service contract and its role within state procurement

 •   Distinguish key differences between service contracts and contracts for commodities

 •   List elements to be included in service contract specifications and statements of work.

 •   Identify common challenges and potential solutions related to the use of service contracts.

Course Technology Requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Support web browsers:
    • Recommended: Chrome,       Firefox, Safari (latest versions)
    • Avoid: Internet Explorer       and Microsoft Edge
    • If prompted, accept       all cookies and allow popups
  • Access to Procurement      U LMS
  • Ability to play and listen to      audio through computer speakers or headphones

Contact Hours: This course offers one (2) contact hour for continuing education credit.

Course Syllabus

Young and old businessmen

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