Cooperative Contract Coordinator
  • Provides leadership, coaching, guidance, facilitation and support to the Lead State and Sourcing Team, and facilitates communication between participating entities and suppliers
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between sourcing teams, lead state, key stakeholders and subject matter experts to increase understanding of technology user needs and market conditions.
  • Provides education and consultation regarding the value proposition of participating in the cooperative through individual meetings and correspondence, as well as through presentations at trade shows and conferences to purchasers, end users and organizations.
  • Facilitates understanding of cooperative master agreement capabilities, use, and opportunities with both suppliers and government users.
  • Helps Lead States, Sourcing Teams, end users and staff assess master agreement opportunities and cooperative contract feasibilities that will provide a value proposition to government users.
  • Develops and supports collaborative relationships with state chief procurement officers, chief information officers and their staffs, as well as local government, K-12 and higher education; along with potential strategic partners such as NASCIO and NASTD.

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