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  • IT Related Acronyms

    IT Related Acronyms

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  • Tech Next: Leasing vs. Owning Hardware and Software

    Tech Next: Leasing vs. Owning Hardware and Software

    To Buy or to Lease? That is the question NASPO is exploring in our newest edition of the Tech Next series! In this publication, we explore the options available when it comes to leasing or buying hardware and software, discuss the benefits and challenges that come with both methods of IT procurement, and provide additional resources for further consideration and continued reading on this emerging topic. While there are many factors to consider when determining which model is best, NASPO’s Tech Next: Leasing vs. Owning Hardware and Software publication can help guide you through the process. Download
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  • NASPO Partners with NASCIO to Release a Joint Roadmap for State IT Procurement Reform

    NASPO Partners with NASCIO to Release a Joint Roadmap for State IT Procurement Reform

    NASPO and NASCIO are proud to release a joint roadmap for state information technology (IT) procurement reform and process transformation! This publication includes 18 joint recommendations for IT procurement in the following categories: relationship building, procurement processes, centralization, and legislation & policy. The paper also includes key takeaways from the survey of CPOs and CIOs conducted this year, in-depth discussion of the work of the NASPO-NASCIO Joint Task Force on Negotiation in IT procurement, case studies from Alabama and Minnesota emphasizing the importance CPO/CIO relationship is to successful IT procurement, and implementation methods that complement the recommendations. Download
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  • Tech Next: Internet of Things

    Tech Next: Internet of Things

    Are you prepared to procure the future? NASPO takes a dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) in this edition of the Tech Next Series. Read about the ways IoT can be used in the public sector, how Illinois has ventured into the IoT-specific RFP process, and a checklist of considerations pertinent to the procurement of IoT technology. Smart Cities are here, and Smart States are next. Are you ready? 
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  • Navigating the IT Procurement Landscape

    Navigating the IT Procurement Landscape

    In continuing their shared interests in working together to improve IT procurement, NASPO and NASCIO have developed an action plan for navigating the ever-changing terrain shaping state procurement efforts and information technology updates. The action plan addresses several key areas of state government common to both specialties, including governance and organizational structure; teaming and roles; interactions and processes; and budgeting and forecasting. The NASCIO and NASPO Topical Roundtable Summary and press release can both be accessed below. NASPO NASCIO Roundtable pub presser Jan 2017 2016_NASCIO-NASPO_Topical_Roundtable_Final
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  • Procurement Reform Guide

    Procurement Reform Guide

    The Procurement Reform Guide highlights recent state procurement reform efforts and attempts to create a framework for defining some of the key concepts and drivers for change. This online guide is just a first step in a collective effort to understand procurement reform and reengineering. A few final questions for state central procurement officials have been included, as an opportunity to build on this resource and continue the conversation about procurement reform. ACCESS GUIDE
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  • The Value of eProcurement/ERP Systems. Case Studies

    The Value of eProcurement/ERP Systems. Case Studies

    Rolling out major ERP and e Procurement systems has been a key element of state procurement reform initiatives implemented by states over the past decade. NASPO members recognize the prevalence of eProcurement/ERP Solutions and the clear return on investment from automating state procurement. Implementing eProcurement/ERP systems is one of the top five priorities for NASPO in 2016. This paper highlights key elements and functionalities of electronic procurement systems in seven states. The paper discusses eProcurement/ERP implementations including efficiencies gained, increased transparency of spend and procurement processes along with success stories and challenges. Implementing eProcurement/ERP solutions generate substantial savings and create efficiencies for the state central procurement office and user agencies as well; they facilitate the collection of comprehensive spend data and increase transparency. Additionally, these systems increase competition, provide easily-accessible and efficient ways to participate in contracting opportunities to all suppliers.

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  • 2016 IT Procurement Reform Solutions

    2016 IT Procurement Reform Solutions

    Research supported best practices designed to help state officials who are considering procurement reform

    As information technology (IT) purchases are among the largest and fastest-growing budget items for many states, the National Association of State Procurement Officials calls for a collaborative effort to focus on reforming IT procurement.
    Procurement reform is identified by NASPO members as being the top priority for 2016, and transforming IT procurement to address market trends in particular is ranked as sixth the most important priority.
    “Chief Procurement Officials and Chief Information Officers need to work through these tough issues together,” said DeLaine Bender, Executive Director of NASPO. “IT spending will continue to grow and evolve and it is imperative that purchases in this area be conducted with the highest levels of knowledge, professionalism, training and in accordance with the most recent best practices ”
    As a guideline, NASPO endorsed five key areas of IT procurement reform as outlined by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers:
    • Remove unlimited liability clauses in state terms and conditions
    • Introduce more flexible terms and conditions
    • Remove required performance bonds from vendors on information technology projects
    • Leverage enterprise architecture for improved IT procurement
    • Improve the Negotiations Process “These guidelines are an important first step, and we will work closely with IT officials, state leaders and lawmakers to continue this work and identify improvements,” said NASPO President and Utah Deputy Director/Deputy Chief Procurement Officer Paul Mash. “The most important message today is for state IT and procurement officials to coordinate all levels of reform in responsibility to the tax payers.”
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  • Has State Government Moved to the Cloud?

    Has State Government Moved to the Cloud?

    An infographic on State Practices for Cloud Implementation

    NASPO collected information from states through the Cloud Services Survey. This Cloud Infographic offers a snapshot of the key data points from the survey, including existing practices, contracting models that are currently used, challenges and solutions for a successful implementation of cloud solutions and many more.
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  • ERP and eProcurement Systems

    ERP and eProcurement Systems

    The paper highlights state practices, key elements and functionalities of existing state ERP and eProcurement systems, and types of funding for eProcurement solutions. Also included in this publication are pros and cons of the ERP integration and the value of eProcurement systems, states’ experiences and lessons learned from implementations of eProcurement solutions, their functionality, metrics, examples of a recently-implemented eProcurement project and a business case for an eProcurement acquisition.


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