Procurement Toolkit for Leadership Transitions

The time between an election and the first days in office is busy and tumultuous for a new Governor and his or her transition team. As a Governor makes appointments, establishes priorities and forms his or her new administration, he or she also must absorb a vast amount of information about state government at a rapid pace. The phrase “drinking from a fire hose” doesn’t seem to do it justice. State government is always open for business, ready or not.

Whether you are new to procurement or a seasoned official, you and other members of your procurement agency have an important responsibility to help members of the Governor’s Administration and other new state leaders understand the role of procurement. Aside from salary dollars spent, every public policy issue is impacted by or results in a procurement action to implement.

New state leaders will need tools and resources to quickly understand state procurement processes and procurement components for their new initiatives. The National Association of State Procurement Officials created the Procurement Toolkit for Leadership Transitions to provide CPOs with templates and resources to help new state leaders understand the state procurement office, recognize key laws that will help avoid pitfalls, and learn how procurement impacts public policy. This toolkit is designed to help you prepare for the transition period and the early days of a new administration.  Please refer to NASPO Network for additional resources that can help you work with your leadership.

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