NASPO Releases New Publication on Critical Success Areas and KPIs for State Procurement

NASPO recognizes the value of measuring performance and identified it as its second highest priority in the top ten ranking of state procurement focus areas for 2016.

This resource includes four critical success areas and key performance indicators (KPIs) that the state central procurement organization should focus on to be successful. NASPO suggests using this limited number of metrics defined for each area as central to the success of the state central procurement office. We encourage each office to develop its own KPIs that are strategic, actionable, relevant, and in line with their statutory requirements, statewide strategy and organizational goals.

This resource is the result of a collaborative effort by the Best Practices Committee’s Performance Measures Work Group led by Mike Richart. Thanks again to all state members who participated in our research and shared their best practices regarding performance metrics!


Contact Rebecca Montano-Smith, Senior Policy Analyst, at (859) 514-9169 if you have any questions about this publication.

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