NASPO Fact Sheets Released

“The Strategic Role of Procurement” and “Retention and Recruitment”

NASPO is excited to announce the release of a new resource for members, the NASPO Fact Sheets. The fact sheets are created by staff and are a compilation of information previously developed by NASPO via research briefs, white papers, surveys, the Practical Guide and other publications, simply honed down into one-page documents for your convenience.  You might utilize them for a variety of purposes, including  as a quick reference tool or as an outline for a speaking engagement or presentation.

Fact Sheets

Two Fact Sheets  are currently available for use, “The Strategic Role of Procurement” and “Retention and Recruitment.” NASPO staff will be releasing several additional fact sheets over the coming months, each will be focused upon an important issue in state procurement. Please watch the NASPO Bulletin and NASPO Website for the announcement of new fact sheets.

If you have any questions or would like to recommend a topic, please contact Matt Oyer, [email protected]

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