2022 NASPO Board of Directors


Delbert Singleton
Division Director
State Fiscal Accountability Authority Division of Procurement Services
State of South Carolina

Jaime Schorr

Chief Procurement Officer
Division of Purchases
State of Maine

Immediate Past President
Michael Jones

Division of Purchasing
State Purchasing Director
State of Alabama

Kelly Sanders

Chief Procurement Officer
Office of Procurement Services
State of Ohio

NASPO ValuePoint Executive Council Chair
Angela Shell

Chief Procurement Officer
Department of General Services
State of California


Valerie Bollinger
Division of Purchasing
Chief Procurement Officer
State of Idaho

Steven Berg
Director of Procurement
State of South Dakota

Deborah Damore
Office of Purchasing and Contracting
State of Vermont

Joan Graham
Executive Director
Office of Procurement Services

Gregg Olivera
Deputy Division Director
Procurement Bureau Chief
New Jersey

Mike Perry
Chief Procurement Officer

George Schutter
Chief Procurement Officer
District of Columbia

Thor Vue
Division of Shared Services
Statewide Contracting Office
Chief Procurement Officer
State of Alaska

2022 Committee Leadership

Administrative Committee; Jaime Schorr (chair) and Deborah Damore (vice chair)
Professional Development Committee; Joan Graham (chair) and Valerie Bollinger (vice chair)
Financial Sustainability Committee; Kelly Sanders (chair), and George Schutter (vice chair)
Conference and Events Committee; Michael Jones (chair) and Steve Berg (vice chair)
Cronin Award Committee; Mike Perry (chair) and Gregg Olivera (vice chair)
Mazzone Award Task Force; David Gragan (chair)
Emerging Leaders Committee: Will Camp (chair) and Thor Vue (vice chair)

NASPO ValuePoint provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting.

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