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Millennials and the State Government Workforce

Millennials and the State Government Workforce

“Millennials” are becoming one of the more recognizable generations thanks to the prevalence of media attention they have received. This has created a sense that we often understand the typical characteristics of this particular generation, but what hasn’t been explored in depth is how this generation interacts with the world of state procurement. 
This course is designed to help current public procurement leaders better understand the Millennial generation and to provide procurement officials with strategies for recruiting and retaining Millennials in the procurement office. The course will provide fundamental information regarding the Millennial generation, including some of the recruitment and retention challenges facing state government and strategies and recommendations to help you address those challenges. 
This is an advanced level course. The target audience includes, but not necessarily limited to, CPOs and director level executive managers, assistant directors, program managers, supervisors, and training coordinators.
Delivery Method: Web Based, Self-Paced
Contact Hours: 2
Registration: $70 Standard Rate. $40 Discounted Rate 
For more specifics about what to expect from this course, please check out our course information and syllabus. The syllabus can be accessed by following the previous link and then clicking the attachments button on the course homepage.


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