Introducing the Procurement Pulse – a blog by NASPO

Introducing the Procurement Pulse – a blog by NASPO

NASPO’s Research & Innovation Team has launched Procurement Pulse – a blog that monitors state issues in procurement.  Procurement Pulse wants to be your go-to source for news, best practices, and emerging issues in state procurement.  Bookmark the blog and be sure check back regularly for more articles on the issues that matter to NASPO members.

Right now on Procurement Pulse, we are featuring the following posts: 

  • “Welcome to Procurement Pulse!” – an introduction to the blog, the NASPO Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement, and the 2018 Horizon Issues
  • “A Skillset for the Future” – Jason Soza, CPO, State of Alaska, NASPO Director at Large, and Research and Innovation Champion, shares his projections for what’s needed in the procurement hard skillset of the future.
  • “Top Five Ways to Make Modular Procurement Work” – Looking for the right tool at the right time to help you tackle a big and scary procurement? Look no further than the principles of modular or iterative procurement. Get the top five tips for making these methods work for your team.

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