2015 Marketing Meeting

What other forum unites state procurement officials from over 40 states and more than 350 companies large and small? With distinct goals of opening doors for doing business with the states, networking with state governments which are the largest consumers of goods and services in the country, and learning how to do business with the states and form successful partnerships, the NASPO How to Market to State Governments Meeting is the place where partnering, networking and learning come together.

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Partnerships. Purpose. Procurement.

The NASPO How to Market to State Governments Meeting will take place March 29-31, 2015, in Philadelphia and will provide a unique opportunity for private sector representatives to network with state procurement officials. First, pre-scheduled partnering sessions with state procurement officials offer the face time necessary for suppliers to explain new products, answer questions and set the stage for a working relationship with the states.

New this year: They’re still called One-on-One appointments, however companies will be allowed to bring up to two (2) attendees to meet with a state member. Another new parameter is that a company can only visit an individual state member one time.

Second, attendees have access to an educational program that allows state procurement officials to get feedback from suppliers on improving the procurement process and gives suppliers an inside look at how to do better business with the states. There are even sessions that allow for small group, relaxed interactions with the state members which offer a great opportunity to meet state purchasing officials from all over the country and network with companies of all sizes.

Finally, networking breakfasts, lunches and evening events give everyone more time to build on the relationships and information they've heard throughout the day. All of this comes together in one event to provide a wealth of benefits for everyone who attends!

For questions about the conference, please contact Melanie Bowzer, NASPO Marketing and Communication Coordinator, at [email protected] or call 859-514-9181 for general information.

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