2013 Annual Conference
NASPO’s Annual Conference will be held September 22-25 in Denver, Colorado. The Annual Conference is your opportunity to learn about new ideas and successes in procurement from your NASPO network of state government peers.  It’s also the time each year when NASPO sets the direction for the future of the organization with the annual business meeting, Board elections and more. In short, it’s a meeting that shouldn't be missed!  This year again we will be offering an optional 4.5 hour training session on Sunday Afternoon. Please be sure to sign up so that you can take advantage of this worthwhile session.

Below is some information on this year’s Conference :
General Information

NASPO provides funding for two (2) individuals from each state to attend the 2013 Annual Conference. This includes complimentary registration, up to five nights lodging (arriving Saturday, September 21, and departing Thursday, September 26), transportation and reimbursement for meals and incidentals per the NASPO Travel Policy.  Saturday arrivals are reserved for those attending the optional PD workshop on Sunday or for those whose travel accomodations limit them to a Saturday arrival.  Additional state attendees are welcome, but will be required to pay a registration fee of $575 plus their own travel and lodging expenses. 

Associate members are required to pay a registration fee of $575 plus their own travel and lodging expenses.

Life and Honorary members have their registration fee waived; however, NASPO may pay all or a portion of the travel and lodging expenses per the new participation and attendance policy.

Below is a recap of the registration fees for the 2013 NASPO Annual Conference:

  • Primary State Attendee (two per state) - no registration fee, expenses paid by NASPO (travel, four nights lodging, meals & incidentals)
  • Additional State Attendee - $575 registration fee, expenses paid by individual 
  • Associate Member - $575 registration fee, expenses paid by individual
  • Life/Honorary Member - no registration fee, expenses may be paid per the new policy 
  • Guest - $125 registration fee, expenses paid by individual
Reimbursement Policy
NASPO funding is based on attendees participating in all scheduled conference events. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to NASPO no later than sixty (60) days after the last day of the conference. All requests for reimbursement should be itemized on the Reimbursement Form and must be accompanied by actual receipts. Please include who the reimbursement needs to be made payable to as well as the mailing address. All requests should be submitted to Jerona Washington via mail, email or fax 859-514-9216.