Mariam Alabdali, MA Learning and Development Coordinator
  • Works with SMEs in developing training programs and e-learning courses
  • Supports the NASPO Professional Development Committee and workgroups
  • Develops research work products and assists with survey implementation and analysis
David Boyd

David Boyd eMarket Customer Service Specialist
  • Manages the eMarket Center Help Desk
  • Main point of contact for Detail Quarterly Sales Reports
  • Assists in data entry and analytics projects
James Bregenzer

James Bregenzer Webmaster/Developer
  • Generally manages and provides technical support for all NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint websites and hosting services, architecture and technical environments
  • Responsible for the programming, development and maintenance of all underlying applications and APIs/integrations between applications
  • Coordinate closely with staff and NASPO members on all current/future website and application needs
  • Monitor and provide insights and reporting on performance and general usage of all websites and applications
Clinton Colliver

Clinton Colliver Controller
  • Oversees the accounting and human resources departments.
  • Provides Board and management with financial statements and analysis.
  • Promotes financial transparency within our organization.
  • Coordinates investment strategy for the organization
Ted Fosket

Ted Fosket Cooperative Contract Coordinator
  • Conducts market research, spend analysis forecasting, and return on investment projections in order to develop cooperative contract portfolio recommendations.
  • Organizes multi-state and multi-discipline sourcing teams and facilitates sourcing team activities and meetings through the solicitation, award process and contract administration.
  • Reviews RFP's prior to release to insure consistency with NASPO ValuePoint guidelines and Coordinates the draft and official RFP release to state directors. Facilities the "Intent to Participate" documents.
  • Provides regular updates to the NASPO ValuePoint website.
  • Builds and manages relationships with state CPO’s, purchasing staffs, lead contract administrators, sourcing team members, contract users and suppliers.
  • Responds to inquiries from lead state contract administrators, contract users, existing and potential suppliers
Priscilla Gandy

Priscilla Gandy Conferences and Events Manager
  • Provides conference services for NASPO sponsored programs and events
  • Oversees and facilitates all aspects of event management from site selection, vendor negotiation, event registration, marketing, onsite staffing and post-event reporting
  • Negotiates hotel contracts to ensure rate, space, and language is equitable
  • Oversees Corporate Travel Management and Event Travel Management programs
Ronda Glover

Ronda Glover Conferences and Events Coordinator
  • Works on a variety of large and small scale strategic events and special projects to support the organization’s mission
  • Supports Conferences and Events Managers in coordinating logistics and planning efforts for all NASPO conferences and events
  • Negotiates hotel contracts for NASPO ValuePoint meetings
  • Assists in the build and management of Cvent registration websites
Lindle Hatton, PhD

Lindle Hatton, PhD Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive leadership of strategies and initiatives
  • Oversight of the CLO's professional development program management
  • Oversight of the CAO and DO's administration and operational management
  • Primary spokesperson to advance awareness of and support for NASPO and the public procurement profession
Eric Hellen

Eric Hellen Business & Data Analyst
  • Provides business and data analysis support to NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint which includes software development, analytic report development and technical support.
  • Provide software development and technical support for the ValuePoint Suppliers Toolbox and the eMarket Center.
  • Provide backup web development and technical support for the NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint websites.
  • Provides technical support for various NASPO and NASPO ValuePoint programs, events, and conferences.
Sarah Hilderbrand, J.D., CPPO

Sarah Hilderbrand, J.D., CPPO Chief Operations Officer
  • Responsible for implementing the strategic mission, vision and overall direction of NASPO ValuePoint as set by the NASPO Board of Directors and ValuePoint Management Board in coordination with the NASPO-NASPO ValuePoint CEO
  • Ensures effective and efficient use of resources in the management of the NASPO ValuePoint business operations
Jonathan Hollinger

Jonathan Hollinger Business & Data Analyst
  • Provides software development and data analytics for NASPO ValuePoint.
  • Provides technology support to various NASPO ValuePoint programs and events.
  • Manages analytics research projects and software implementations.
Devin Hunt

Devin Hunt Content Administrator
  • Supports and updates the NSPO ValuePoint website.
  • Administrates all participating addendums on the NASPO ValuePoint website.
  • Provides support for NASPO ValuePoint IT projects
  • Develops Email outreach campaigns for NASPO ValuePoint
Kelly J. McKown King

Kelly J. McKown King Education Program Manager
  • Designs conference and training content for NASPO events
  • Provides conference services and guidance for NASPO speakers
  • Supports content development for NASPO resources
Megan Lee, MBA

Megan Lee, MBA Accountant
  • Maintains accounting department files and records.
  • Staff contact for purchase cards, maintains policy and monitors for violations.
  • Maintains and distributes State funding reports.
  • Oversees travel reimbursement and professional development fund submissions.
  • Assists Controller as staff support to Investment and Audit Committees.
Jill Midkiff

Jill Midkiff Director of Communications
  • Oversees public relations, marketing and brand management
  • Distributes press releases and serves as primary media contact
  • Serves as editor for internal and external communications
  • Oversees promotion of NASPO reports, publications and educational offerings
  • Manages social media outreach
Dominique Neel

Dominique Neel Conferences and Events Coordinator
  • Works on a variety of large and small scale strategic events and special projects to support the organization’s mission
  • Supports Conferences and Events Managers in coordinating logistics and planning efforts for all NASPO conferences and events
  • Negotiates hotel contracts for NASPO ValuePoint meetings
  • Assists in the build and management of Cvent registration websites
Wendy Payne

Wendy Payne Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
  • Performs general clerical duties and supports finance and member services programs
  • Provides committee support and assists with notes/minutes
  • Provides customer service to members and suppliers
  • Supports meetings, events, outreach, and communication activities as needed
Lee Ann Pope

Lee Ann Pope Director of Administrative Services
  • Provides administrative support to NASPO ValuePoint Board, Executive Committee and Management Team
  • Works closely with CEO and COO to coordinate information and deliverables
  • Oversees NASPO ValuePoint policy and procedures
  • Works closely with volunteer subcommittees and workgroups
  • Supports NASPO ValuePoint finances, working directly with the NASPO-NASPO ValuePoint Controller
  • Provides support for ValuePoint events
Jennifer Salts, CPPO, CPPB

Jennifer Salts, CPPO, CPPB Chief Administrative Officer
  • Provides administrative support to NASPO Board and Executive Committee
  • Oversees contracted workplan deliverables
  • Consults with states and stakeholders to promote best practice sharing
  • Supports member engagement activities
  • Provides procurement and contract management subject matter expertise
Katie Scott, MA

Katie Scott, MA Research Coordinator
  • Works to support both the Research and Innovation teams and the Procurement U training side of NASPO
  • Assists in the administration of the Procurement Pulse Blog
  • Assists with academic partner outreach
  • Supports Green Purchasing Technical Assistance Funds and NASPO’s Green Purchasing efforts
  • Develops research work products and supports the creation of any ongoing projects
Bob Sievert

Bob Sievert Chief Information Officer
  • Manages and oversees NASPO technology infrastructure initiatives
  • Provides leadership to implement new and appropriate technology innovations into all NASPO programs
  • Provides procurement automation and eProcurement subject matter expertise
  • Collaborates with industry thought leaders related to technology in procurement to drive innovation and evolution to better support member needs
Lauren Bonkowski, BA

Lauren Bonkowski, BA Financial Coordinator
  • Maintains general finance organization
  • Processes, records, codes incoming receipts and invoices
  • Coordinates with the accounting firm on expense reporting
  • Files and retrieves documents and reference materials
  • Conducts research, assembles and analyses data to prepare reports and documents
Bryce Bradford

Bryce Bradford Membership Engagement Coordinator
  • Oversees all member inquiries as they relate to account status, dues, and general NASPO questions
  • Supports the Regional Councils
  • Coordinates with other NASPO teams to develop metrics that measure membership engagement, participation, and satisfaction
  • Collaborates with NASPO Staff to measure the success of the NASPO Strategic Plan
  • Provides support in the NASPO Network
  • Creates, writes, and develops member communication
  • Works with our members to provide support during event registration
  • Maintains the accuracy of the NASPO database
Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson Cooperative Contract Revenue Analyst
  • Coordinates and facilitates the contract sales reporting process with suppliers and lead state contract administrators.
  • Maintains a master reporting tool that summarizes and manages sales activity by state for each of the NASPO ValuePoint contract portfolios.
  • Reconciles contract sales report information from suppliers with the actual administrative fees received, and works with suppliers to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Assists in the third party contract compliance review processes by providing coordination among lead state contract administrators, suppliers and third party auditing firms.
  • Creates, edits and provides uniform, consistent data on all NASPO ValuePoint cooperative contracts, which includes assisting in the development of the annual budget as it relates to projected revenue.
Lori Denhart

Lori Denhart Research Project Manager
  • Develops and manages projects related to best practices and emerging issues in public procurement
  • Administers the Procurement Pulse blog
  • Manages the Member Survey
  • Assists with research inquiries, development of research work products, and provides support to Procurement U and conferences
Olivia Hook Frey, MS

Olivia Hook Frey, MS Academic Affairs Manager
  • Builds and manages relationships with academic partners
  • Oversees higher education programs, including internships, scholarships
  • Arranges participation in university career fairs and other student engagement opportunities
  • Develops programming for Academic Forum
Clinton Colliver

Samantha Gerard Instructional Designer
  • Designs, develops and implements e-learning courses and modules
  • Determine sequences and creates outlines, storyboards, and treatment approaches
  • Produce graphics elements to enhance course delivery
  • Evaluates new and emerging technologies
Susan Gonzalez, MBA

Susan Gonzalez, MBA Chief Conferences and Events Officer
  • Oversees conferences and events (C&E) execution and contracted deliverables
  • Maintains C&E governance documents, records, policies and operating guidelines
  • Oversees relationship with all C&E partners (travel agency, online registration, hotels/venues, audio/visual, and event decorators)
  • Develops and implements NASPO's annual C&E budgets
Jordan Henson, MS

Jordan Henson, MS Instructional Design Project Manager
  • Develops content for Procurement U online courses
  • Designs and programs Procurement U courses for online delivery
  • Leads development of Procurement U trainings at the NASPO Annual Conference
  • Works with SMEs to develop training programs and e-learning courses
Jeff Holden

Jeff Holden Cooperative Contract Coordinator
  • Provides support to state chief procurement officers and staff relating to cooperative purchasing
  • Provides education, consultation and support to eligible entities and potential suppliers regarding participation in NASPO ValuePoint contracts
  • Promotes the value of participation in NASPO ValuePoint contracts to state and local government agencies, public K-12 schools, public institutions of higher education and other eligible participants through attendance at meetings and conferences
  • Supports strategic relationships with NASPO ValuePoint contractors
  • Conducts market research to support development of successful cooperative contracts
  • Supports lead states and sourcing teams in processes related to competitive solicitations and award of cooperative contracts
Kristine Howes

Kristine Howes Conferences and Events Manager
  • Provides conference services for NASPO sponsored programs and events
  • Oversees and facilitates all aspects of event management from site selection, vendor negotiation, event registration, marketing, onsite staffing and post-event reporting
  • Manage planning committees and work closely with NASPO team on content development for multiple conferences
  • Oversees conference website development and contract management
Kelly Kamp

Kelly Kamp Graphic Design and Communications Specialist
  • Designs collateral to spread NASPO's mission
  • Maintains brand awareness for organization
  • Assists with marketing strategies and outreach
Dianne Lancaster, CPPO

Dianne Lancaster, CPPO Chief Learning Officer
  • Collaborate with the NASPO Board to develop and actualize the professional development vision approved by the Board
  • Relationship development with higher education and industry thought leaders
  • Management of industry content for educational programming
  • Provides procurement and contract management subject matter expertise
Bart Lemmon

Bart Lemmon Supplier Development Director
  • Develops key relationships with supplier executives responsible for public sector marketing
  • Chairs the Supplier Advisory Council identifying business initiatives designed to increase usage of existing portfolio offerings
  • Provides education to the supplier community to facilitate participation in ValuePoint
  • Facilitates supplier contract launch meetings and attends supplier account review meetings in order to promote successful marketplace implementation
  • Explores business development and emerging market opportunities to promote visibility of ValuePoint
Kevin Minor, MPA

Kevin Minor, MPA Media Production Project Manager
  • Develops work products, webinars, blog posts, and digital media content creation
  • Leads NASPO’s sustainable purchasing initiatives, including the Green Purchasing Technical Assistance Funds
  • Manages the relationship for NASPO’s market research analysis member offered subscriptions, ProcurementIQ and GovWin IQ
  • Research and policy support
Elena Moreland, MPA

Elena Moreland, MPA Senior Research Project Manager
  • Develops and manages best practice sharing, work products and deliverables
  • Coordinates research inquiries and resulting resources and guidance
  • Manages the Survey of State Procurement Practices
Matt Oyer

Matt Oyer Deputy Chief Learning Officer
  • Collaborate with the NASPO Staff and Members in delivering professional development resources to the membership
  • Manages the creation of courses, publications and resources by the Research & Innovation and Procurement U teams
  • Oversees the development and delivery of educational content for NASPO conferences
  • Support the development of relationships with higher education partners
Dugan Petty

Dugan Petty Cooperative Contract Coordinator
  • Provides leadership, coaching, guidance, facilitation and support to the Lead State and Sourcing Team, and facilitates communication between participating entities and suppliers
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between sourcing teams, lead state, key stakeholders and subject matter experts to increase understanding of technology user needs and market conditions.
  • Provides education and consultation regarding the value proposition of participating in the cooperative through individual meetings and correspondence, as well as through presentations at trade shows and conferences to purchasers, end users and organizations.
  • Facilitates understanding of cooperative master agreement capabilities, use, and opportunities with both suppliers and government users.
  • Helps Lead States, Sourcing Teams, end users and staff assess master agreement opportunities and cooperative contract feasibilities that will provide a value proposition to government users.
  • Develops and supports collaborative relationships with state chief procurement officers, chief information officers and their staffs, as well as local government, K-12 and higher education; along with potential strategic partners such as NASCIO and NASTD.
Wanda Pyle

Wanda Pyle Business Operations Manager
  • Oversees HR, payroll, benefits, staff handbook and risk management
  • Manages office operations and procedures
  • Develops and monitors office budget
  • Manages central filing system
  • Oversees Recruitment and On-Boarding process
  • Coordinates and executes employee trainings
  • Supports and Assist the Finance Department
Voight Shealy

Voight Shealy Cooperative Contract Coordinator III
    Joined the NASPO ValuePoint staff in 2014 after retiring from the State of South Carolina following 37 years of service primarily with the State Auditor’s Office and the Materials Management Office, the state’s central procurement office.
  • For 20 years, he managed the Materials Management Office, serving as the State’s Chief Procurement Officer responsible for all state procurements including information technology, construction, supplies, and services.
  • Voight is an honorary member of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) which he has served as a Board member, Finance Chair, and 2006/2007 President.
  • He is a recipient of the South Carolina Association of Governmental Procurement Officials James H. Barnes Award and NASPO’s Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award.
Megan Smyth, JD

Megan Smyth, JD Director of Research and Innovation
  • Develops and manages the discussion of emerging issues in procurement, work products, and deliverables
  • Manages IT Procurement Negotiations initiatives
  • Coordinates research inquiries and resulting resources and guidance
  • Supports conferences, Procurement U and Procurement Law Institute
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