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2014 Edition of the Survey of State Procurement Practices

2014 edition of the Survey of State Procurement Practices

Non-Members can create an account HERE to purchase a yearly subscription for $95. You can then view, download, print, and/or conduct online search of the complete survey results by state, section, question, or keyword. The downloadable version of all survey results includes PDFs and tables with complete comments from states.

For the first time this year, we are offering users added functionality for viewing and searching complete survey responses by state, section, question, and key word. Also, as states are updating their information throughout the year to reflect changes in their procurement regulations and policies, all subscribers will be notified of those updates. Survey results can be viewed, searched online, downloaded and/or printed in a combination of PDF, HTML, and Excel files.

The NASPO survey examines the current landscape of procurement practices among the states and offers insight on the various initiatives the states have implemented. This latest version of the NASPO survey contains 28 sections and 194 questions, including data collected from central procurement offices in 48 states and the District of Columbia during the months of May and June 2014. It includes information on:

  • State Procurement Laws, Regulations, and Policies
  • Procurement Authority and Delegation
  • State Purchasing Office Fees
  • Solicitation Practices, RFP/IFB Distribution, Contracting Procedures
  • Electronic Procurement
  • Vendor Registration and Bidders' List Practices
  • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Preference Policies
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics
  • Protests and Claims
  • Purchasing Information Technology
  • Green Purchasing
  • And much more!

Click HERE for the free Survey Summary Report.
NASPO Staff Contact: Elena Moreland

State & Local Government Procurement: A Practical Guide

Updated for the 21st Century, the latest version of NASPO's flagship publication features a durable hard cover, a new look and tone, and a new reader-friendly format that makes learning about state and local procurement easy! Written by nationally recognized professional procurement practitioners, the text focuses on the evolving role of the state and local procurement official and provides a primer in the skills necessary to develop and lead a successful procurement office. Topics covered by this innovative guide include:
  • Current Trends in State and Local Procurement
  • E-Procurement
  • Strategic Procurement Organization, Policy and Authority
  • Competitive Methods and Managing Contracts
  • Contracting for Services
  • Bid Evaluation and Award
  • Cooperative Multi-State Purchasing
  • Green Procurement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Procurement of Construction and Project Delivery Methods
  • Specifications, Designs and Scopes of Work
  • And at over 420 pages, there is no more comprehensive guide to public procurement available!
As a special feature, this new and improved text includes the full NIGP dictionary.

Member Cost: $30.00
Non-Member Cost: $35.00 to cart.

2014 Supplier Guide CD: How to Do Business with the States

Procurement policies vary across the 50 states and territories. Knowledge of these practices and specific contact information can give your company the edge in seeking state contracts and placement on bid lists. The NASPO Supplier Guide CD is your source for the latest information affecting the world of state procurement. The CD requires Adobe Acrobat; download a free version here. The CD contains information on:
  • Criteria for getting on bidder’s mailing lists
  • Products and services handled by central procurement offices
  • Other state agencies performing centralized procurement functions
  • Set-aside programs
  • State agencies exempt from purchasing through the central procurement office
  • State vendor guides
  • Registration fees

Member Cost: $25.00
Non-Member Cost: $30.00 to cart.

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