Green Purchasing Resources
  • Green Purchasing Guide – NASPO has developed an online resource for its members and others to use in navigating the sea of information surrounding the adoption of a green purchasing program. The guide is an easy-to-use document that provides purchasers with:
    • A basic understanding of the concept and benefits of green purchasing 
    • Recommended steps and proven strategies to enable the implementation of a green purchasing program
    • Links to other resources offering detailed information on specific elements of the process
  • NASPO Green Purchasing Technical Assistance Projects for States
    For the past few years, NASPO has provided funds to its member states in support of their green purchasing state initiatives and programs. Funds are distributed to each central procurement office for approved projects.
    Email us at for any questions related to the Green Purchasing Technical Assistance Funds, or the application process.

See below for a visual of how these funds are utilized.

Green Purchasing Webinar Series

Interested in hearing what our states have to say about Green Purchasing? Check out our recorded Green Purchasing Webinar Series on the Green Purchasing YouTube playlist. Click the icon below to get started.

NASPO Green Purchasing Fund Utilization Map

2017 NASPO Green Purchasing Technical Assistance - Completed Projects


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