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Stimulus Act Resources
**Last Updated Monday, September 20, 2010**


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NASPO is dedicated to aiding its members in the development of strategies for spending state stimulus funds responsibly, quickly, and within the guidelines provided by the law and various state and federal agencies.  In addition, NASPO is taking this opportunity to work with partner organizations to influence the development of these policies and guidelines at the state and federal level.

This page will contain a variety of resources for NASPO members and their staffs.  It will be updated frequently as information and guidance is changed or added.  If there is additional information, website links, issues or documents that you would like to see on this page, or that you can provide for the benefit of other NASPO members, please email Jack Gallt, NASPO Director.

Click on the link below to be taken to information on:

  1. The Stimulus Package and Guidelines
  2. State Recovery Websites 
  3. State Procurement Resources 
  4. Partner Organizations and Resources
  5. NASPO Communications
  6. Procurement and Implementation Issues
  7. Related Press and Media Stories 
  8. Additional Resources 



Stimulus Package and Guidelines


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State Procurement Resources (Some Resources Members Only)


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Partner Organizations and Resources


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NASPO Communications


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Procurement and Implementation Issues


NASPO is beginning to collect information and resources about important issues in the stimulus bill that will directly impact state procurement.  The list below is by no means exhaustive.  Any additional concerns, input, or information about the concerns below, or any new concerns that you have identified, would be greatly appreciated.  Please forward those to NASPO.

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Additional Resources


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