2013-2014 Board of Directors
2013-2014 Board of Directors

Committee Roster

Dean Stotler
Government Support Services
State of Delaware

Deb Damore
Department of Buildings & General Services
State of Vermont

Finance Chair
Carol Wilson
Director of Procurement
Procurement Programs and Services
State of Connecticut

Bill Burns
Division of Purchasing
State of Idaho
Jim Butler
Chief Procurement Officer
Department of General Services
State of California
Michael Jones
State Purchasing Director
Department of Finance
State of Alabama
Paul Mash
Deputy Director/Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
Division of Purchasing & General Services
State of Utah
Lawrence Maxwell
State Purchasing Director and Agent
State Purchasing Division
State of New Mexico
Sherry Neas
Central Services Division - SPO
State of North Dakota
James Staton
Chief Procurement Officer
Office of Contracting and Procurement
District of Columbia
Christine Warnock
Chief Procurement Officer
Master Contracts & Consulting - Dept of Enterprise Services
State of Washington