State and Local Government Procurement: A Practical Guide

The 2015 version of State and Local Government Procurement: A Practical Guide, NASPO's flagship publication, features new chapters on technology procurement, protests and eProcurement, as well as new content on human services and emerging issues in public procurement. Also included is revised content on antitrust laws written from a legal perspective by a nationally recognized attorney. The reader-friendly format makes learning about state and local procurement easy! Written by nationally recognized professional procurement practitioners, the text focuses on the evolving role of the state and local procurement official and provides a primer in the skills necessary to develop and lead a successful professional public procurement office.

Whether you're a student, just beginning your procurement career, or a procurement professional with years of experience, you will gain valuable insight into the policies, procedures and current challenges of successful public procurement.


**The Practical Guide is also available as an e-book through iTunes or Kobo!**
Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Procurement Leadership and Organization
  • Chapter 3: The Importance of Competition
  • Chapter 4: Strategies and Plans
  • Chapter 5: Non-construction Specifications and Scopes of Work
  • Chapter 6: Specifications Relating to Environmental Requirements
  • Chapter 7: Competition: Solicitations and Methods
  • Chapter 8: Noncompetitive and Limited Competition Procurements
  • Chapter 9: Bid and Proposal Evaluation and Award
  • Chapter 10: Contracting For Services
  • Chapter 11: Procurement of Construction and Related Services
  • Chapter 12: Cooperation and Cooperative Procurement
  • Chapter 13: Quality Assurance
  • Chapter 14: Contract Management
  • Chapter 15: Procurement Program Integrity and Credibility
  • Chapter 16: Surplus Property
  • Chapter 17: Manuals
  • Chapter 18: Professional Development
  • Chapter 19: Emergency Preparedness
  • Chapter 20: Current Trends in Procurement
  • Appendix A: List of States Agreeing to Foreign Trade Agreements
  • Appendix B: List of Sustainability Resources
  • Appendix C: Bibliography
  • Index
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