Congrats Spring 2017 CPPB and CPPO Class

NASPO would like to extend our congratulations to those in state procurement that have successfully completed the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council's (UPPCC) certification exams and have recently been granted the designations of Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) and Certified Public Procurement Buyer (CPPB).

Newly granted CPPB's

Mr. Scott Kinsell, CPPB State of Illinois‐Executive Ethics Commission
Mrs. Jennifer A. Klein, CPPB State of Illinois‐Executive Ethics Commission Springfield IL
Mr. Geno H. Marchizza, CPPB State of Illinois‐Executive Ethics Commission
Mr. David P. Papp, CPPB State of Illinois‐Executive Ethics Commission
Ms. Nancy B. Wheelock, CPPB Iowa Department of Administrative Services
Ms. Stephanie J. Wildman, CPPB State of Idaho

Newly granted CPPO's

Mr. Brett Boutin, CPPO, State of Montana
Mrs. Jennifer Salts, CPPO, CPPB State of Utah

A complete list of the all the newly certified individuals can be found on the UPPCC website. Congratulations on all your hard work to become the UPPCC's new class of Certified Public Procurement Officers and Certified Public Procurement Buyers! NASPO is proud to be one of the founding partners of UPPCC, the widely recognized certifying entity for public procurement employees. 

For more information on the examination process visit

For helpful exam preparation tools check out the Certification Webpage on the NASPO website.

If you are preparing to take either the CPPB or CPPO exams this fall, check out our exam prep courses. Registration is Open until July 24.

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